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Individual Leadership Lessons

Each person receives a monthly leadership lesson
containing key principles illustrated through stories,
videos and engaging content.

Guided Team Meetings

Every month, Team Leaders are equipped to
facilitate a 45 minute team meeting through
resources and guides provided by Wildsparq.

Crystal Clear Applications

Tasks and resources help each user apply lessons to
the workplace and beyond. Practical steps help drive
the principles home!

“Prior to Wildsparq, we did not have a formal leader development program…these things tend to get lost in the day-to-day running of the business. Wildsparq provided an organized and intentional way to focus on developing our leaders while not occupying large chunks of time sitting in meetings or seminars.”


The Future of Company-Wide Leadership Development

  1. Team Stream
  2. Sparqwork
  3. Executive Reporting
  4. Resource Library
  5. Healthy Competition
  6. Personal Profile
  7. One-on-one
  8. Team Leader Prep
Team Stream

Connect with how others are growing within your organization.


Current and archived catalog of unique leadership lessons.

Executive reporting

Real time statistics on how Wildsparq is impacting your organization.

Resource Library

Curated content by leadership experts from around the globe.

Healthy Competition

Earn points and move up the ranks by completing assignments.

Personal Profile

Track goals and tell others about yourself on your personal profile.


Consistently engage and challenge others as they grow over time.

Team Leader Prep

Every team leader is given the tools to facilitate a dynamic team meeting.

Drive Employee Engagement And Team Unity With High Impact Content

Interactive Lessons and Resources from World-Class Thought Leaders





Great leaders know how to make an authentic and memorable connection with others.

Develop skills like:

  • How to practically deal with conflict
  • Requesting and receiving feedback
  • How to create raving fans
  • How to harness the power
    of relationships
  • And more…

Great leaders develop the inner character that propels value driven actions at work, home, and in the community.

Develop skills like:

  • Integrity in the workplace
  • Becoming a servant leader
  • How to build team trust
  • Leading with honor
  • And more…

From leading team meetings to handling change, great leaders do the practicals with competence.

Develop skills like:

  • How to have effective meetings
  • Effectively managing change
  • Personal time management
  • Interpersonal communication
  • And more…

True leadership influence extends from the workplace to the family and community.

Develop skills like:

  • Leveraging the power of personal story
  • Maximizing team synergy
  • Creating positive culture
  • Multiplying leadership
  • And more…

See The Impact

Review organizational impact in realtime and engage with your team to celebrate their growth


“Great leaders are not directing but partnering for success. Leading is about creating an environment where individuals get heard, and the experience is valued and validated. The ability to coach also means the ability to know, apply and teach effectively. It also means taking ownership of the results for yourself and others.”

– On “10 Coaching Skills to Master”

“It had a good personal impact on what to do to improve my relational skills in the office as well as my personal life. I really like the self-awareness test. Something could be happening in front of your face and yet you may not be aware of how you are impacting someone. VERY GOOD LESSON!!”

– On “Life Is About Relationships”

“I enjoyed this module. It helped me to see that even in a non-leadership position, we can have impact on others. And even if you are a short-term leader, the way you coach in those brief moments are still important.”

– On “The Paradox of Leadership”

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Wildsparq has all you need to provide your entire organization with intentional training and leader development that will change the way you and your people do business.

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